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Extremely affordable massage therapy in Helena MT and the surrounding areas – including Bozeman MT, Spokane and Seattle, WA

Massage is a powerful tool for healing. Our bodies function more fully after a massage. We are able to be more fully awake and engaged in our world with massage. Massage integrates body, mind, and spirit, creating a solid framework for being happy, healthy, and comfortable. After a session many clients report that they feel more connected to their bodies, to others, and to the planet as a whole.

The ocean is a huge inspiration for us here at Ocean Spirit Massage. Our bodies and the earth are mostly water. Water is the essence of life. We apply these metaphors in our work, working with the waves and cycles of the body to enhance the natural healing process. Our work is rhythmic and follows an intentional cycle to produce a healing shift in the body and our world.

We are dedicated to healing the world… one massage at a time. Come be apart of the healing by becoming a member of our team as a client and or Practitioner. Ocean Spirit Massage offers gift cards and our special packages make excellent gifts! Call us now at 206-290-6945 for the best massage in Helena MT and the surrounding areas!

Our Services

• Deep tissue massage
• Swedish Relaxation massage
• Hot stone massage
• Sports massage & injury treatment
• Reiki Healing
• Reflexology
• Lomi Lomi & Thai Massage
• Hypnotherapy
• Couples massage
• Pregnancy massage
• Energy Polarity & Qi Gong
• Paraffin
• Body Scrub

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